Hi, my name is Maria. Welcome to my blog!

This blog is about inspiration and living a healthy, full life.

I want to show how a healthy an active lifestyle can improve one’s happiness like it did mine.

I want to reignite the idea that teachers are important in our lives. After all, without your 3rd grade teacher you wouldn’t know how to divide, or write cursive (a skill nowadays!) Here you will find a lot of videos and photos of funny things that my students do in the classroom and outside.

I want to share my journey to a sustainable, healthy, happy, and balanced lifestyle with you.

Here is a “little” about my life.

While under the guidance of inspirational professors at the University of Toronto, I learned about the fragility of our environment, and the importance of a healthy ecosystem. It was during my undergrad that I made the decision to become a teacher, and share my passion for our planet. I hoped that teaching would help me to inspire a generation of students to become creative and responsible citizens.

One year, while In the process of studying vegan protein sources I learned more and more about animal products and the damage they create in the environment. It was then that I decided to experiment with the whole “vegan thing”. This blog is in part about my journey on the road to being healthy, eating a mostly vegan diet. I don’t think I will even become fully vegan but I try to make my and my husband’s diet as much plant-based as possible.

I am an international Science teacher currently living in Ulaanabaatar, Mongolia. I used to live on Jeju island in South Korea and it was great. It is a beautiful sub-tropical island with paradise-like beaches but sadly, with very little food choice for an aspiring vegan, which has forced me to be creative with the meals. Ulaanbaatar seems to have be more international with the food choices. I hope it stays that way.

Jeju beach


Terelj national park, Mongolia. Photo by Chris Dwyer (chrisdwyer.ca)

I hope you enjoy reading this blog! Feel free to contact me any time at marijabramenko@gmail.com

My Twitter is @TheVeganNomad

Please feel free to use the photos as long as you link to this website as well as http://www.chrisdwyer.ca when appropriate.

I wish you love and light, always.


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  1. Hey lady,

    Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the The Versatile Blogger Award. I hope this is welcome news to you. If you prefer not to accept the award, I certainly understand, but I hope you will visit the other nominees, and they will visit you, just the same. To see more about the award and accepting this nomination, please visit my post at http://wp.me/p1w5ra-H8. All the best!

  2. Psst: Been digging your posts, so I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine award. Keep writing!


  3. HI Ive nominated you for an award, check it out on my site !!!!


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