Addicted…to this salad dressing

salad 4

I’ve been MIA again! My life has just taken another 180 degree turn. We’re moving. We are leaving this island to move to Mongolia. That’s right. Mongolia.  But before Mongolia there will be Cambodia’s beaches, Canada’s easy access to vegan food, our wedding, and moving to the new destination.

As I mourn my oven and every glass ball jar that I sell as well as try to use up all the grains and beans we have in the house, I struggle to include vegetables in the diet. Not because I don’t want them, but because this chaos that my life is at the moment doesn’t allow for a long trip to the market. Sometimes, I’d rather have no vegetables at all than to buy them at the giant supermarket. It’s a silly reason, really. Well today I reached my veggie-deprivation limit and went out to get some greens. I’ve dreamed about a giant bowl of salad for a few days now and today this dream has become a reality. I decided to go a little bit outside of my comfort zone of a pure spinach salad and added some bok choy leaves into the mix. Not only did they add a pleasant crunch to the salad but also a little bit, just the slightest bit, of bitterness that is always so welcome in a salad. I also added some fancy-ness to the salad by sprinkling it with pomegranate seeds and mandarin bits.


Let me tell you another short story. We go to this Indian restaurant here on Jeju quite often. The salad that this restaurant serves as a starter is out of this world. Everyone loves this salad’s dressing. It took me a while and a few taste tests to figure out how to make it and it turns out that secret is soya sauce and sugar!


2 tbsp olive oil

1.5 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp soya sauce

1.5 tsp brown sugar

5 c fresh baby spinach

4 baby bok choys, separated

seeds of one pomegranate

1 mandarin, peeled and separated into individual sections

1/4 orange bell pepper for decoration (and yumminess)

salad 2


1. Soak the spinach and the baby bok choy in cold water for 10 minutes to get rid of dirt and grime. I prefer to soak my greens is GSE but a vinegar solution also works well for removing all kinds of gross things.

2. Prepare the dressing by mixing all the liquids together in a cup and adding sugar. Mix well.

3. Dry the greens in a  salad spinner and place in a large bowl. Cover with dressing and mix well with fingers. Garnish and enjoy!


The giant bowl of salad is now history. It was delicious. Crunchy. Fresh. Full of chlorophyll and vitamins. I feel fueled for the rest of my day. I am ready to tackle packing up my life into boxes to be sent to Mongolia. Mongolia. How am I going to avoid eating animals there? Aren’t Mongolians the people who feed on horses and camel’s milk? So many questions!


Questions of the week:

Have you read The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball? If so, what do you think or how do you feel about doing farming as a life-style? Would you ever give up your life and change it into a horse-drawn farming lifestyle for the sake of having good food, helping communities, and raising awareness about locally-grown food?



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