Last Day of School

A cheerful “Woohoo!” and a deep sigh of relief is what every teacher does in the last hour of the last day of school before summer vacation. I was, however, a bit nostalgic yesterday. I will be switching schools in September (not sure why because it is really hard to get an explanation from my organization, here in Korea.) I absolutely loved my girls high school this semester because the girls’ are motivated, intelligent, yet witty and super hilarious!

The last day of school in Korea is usually spent doing something like a group hike or a picnic. Our school went to an eco- forest on Jeju. Well…more like a park with some trees¬† and LOTS of gorgeous butterflies.

Three things I found hilarious:

1. Most girls bring their phones and listen to terrible K-pop with horrible phone speakers while walking around in a nature park. Annoying.

2. Girls constantly stare in their mirrors and fix their hair even while hiking!

3. Korean girls are deathly afraid of butterflies but grasshoppers are OK.

Here are some pictures

Before the trip, waiting for the bus.

Our class was cancelled the day before and I did promise one girl a prize because she won a contest. She is happily posing with her new travel mug :)

Checking her hair and face in case of boys


OMG frog… oh, hey, a camera, let’s pose! Kimchi!!!!!

Ahhhh, nature!

A lot of these butterflies had damaged wings.

Beautiful! This butterflies’ wingspan is about 15-20 cm!

The flip side of the butterfly

With the school’s nun. She is one of the most interesting people I’ve met in Korea. She used to be a lawyer but decided to take the veil. She now teaches philosophy and organizes charity events. This year’s charity is in Palawan, Philippines.

With the school year over I am looking forward to our vacation in Japan. Lots of gorgeous food pictures will be coming up. I will probably eat sushi but I will also try some vegetarian and vegan Japanese food. I think fish is another hard thing for me to let go because I grew up in a family  basically obsessed with sea food. I am trying to let go.

P.S. Chris has written a fantastic essay on the age old debate of science vs religion. Check it out!

I wish you strength and light. Happy summer!


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