Story of Stuff new movie and call to action

This is another inspiration post. One of the people who motivate and inspire me to lead a happy life is Annie Leonard. Leonard is the creator and the voice behind The Story of Stuff Project. Annie Leonard talks about the  life cycle of material goods and how the consumerist nature of the world is affecting our quality of life. She insists that our “buy buy buy” nature is not only destroying the planet while supporting  a few wealthy individuals, but is also making us extremely unhealthy and unhappy.

The Story of Stuff Project encourages people to take action within their community and promote a sustainable way of life. Annie Leonard has put out a few movies since the first one.  In her movies Leonard covers topics from cap and trade to toxins present in cosmetics. However, in the new movie, that came out today, Leonard goes even further. She reminds us about the problems with unsustainable living and encourages us to take action. She says that not using plastic, taking your bicycle to work, and changing your light bulbs is great but we need more. We need changes in policies that will force companies to provide consumers with sustainable goods and services. Anyway, you can see for yourself! The project even encourages you to take a quiz to find out how YOU can be of better help to the whole movement.

I got “communicator”. I am good at collecting and relaying information. It’s true because here I am, communicating. I encourage you all to visit The Story of Stuff website and watch the project’s latest movie.

How is this relevant to my life?

I am not a consumer. This is largely the result of paying off my student loan while at the same time traveling A LOT. I never rush out to buy the cool new thing (I still have a 3 year old phone and it is not a smart phone *cringe*. My students make fun of me on an almost daily basis.) I also do not have a permanent home (living abroad and moving soon) so, I do not accumulate stuff because I always remember I will eventually have to either get rid of it or ship it (so expensive and wasteful!) However, I do have a very expensive love- a love for pretty chic clothes. I have not been able to explore this love fully, again, because of the student loans that I am desperately trying to get rid of. This loan business has taught me a lot though. It has shown me that I can live on half the income which means that once I am done with the loan I’ll be able to save half of my salary. But most of all, it has taught me the value of thinking about my purchases. I’ll never buy anything unless I know it will prove to be very useful to me time and time again. Every time I buy anything I think it through and do plenty of research. I have always been of the philosophy (mom’s wisdom here) that I’d rather buy a very expensive piece that will last a long time than the trendiest outfit that is cheaply made and will not be useful after one season. I am not perfect, of course. Sometimes I just must have that new pair of leopard print studded loafers (but they make me happy so I am fulfilling one of Annie’s goals!) Annie Leonard has inspired me not only to reduce the amount of stuff I buy but to also be aware of purchasing power. We vote for one thing or another with every single item we buy. Anyway I am rambling a bit here.

I hope you watch the Story of Change as well as all of Annie Leonard’s movies and really think about what YOU can do to make our world function better than it does now. Think beyond the reusable bag and really get into action!

I wish you a pleasant viewing,


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