Easy seaweed salad (miyeok muchim, 미역 무침 )

Sometimes I crave for the strangest things. The other day I woke up with a seaweed craving. I do not have seaweed as often as I should. Not often enough to have cravings for it anyway. Seaweed is a fantastic source of vegan protein. However, most people don’t eat enough seaweed in my opinion.  But why? One cup of seaweed contains almost as much protein as a cup of lentils, and one gram of seaweed takes care of your iodine needs for the day. Not to mention all the B12 you can get. Heaven for vegans! Seaweed is also rich in a special kind of fiber. Seaweed’s fibers turns into a gel in your stomach, keeping you feeling full longer.  What’s not to love?

Here is a seaweed salad I quickly put together. This salad is very popular in Korea and is served as a side dish.


1/2 cup of dry brown seaweed (You can get this seaweed in any Asian supermarket. It is called “miyeok” in Korean.)

5 cups of cold water

1/4 of a white onion (thin julienne)

1 tbsp brown rice vinegar

3 tbsp soya sauce

1 tbsp agave nectar


1. Soak the seaweed in water for 20 minutes. It will turn green and look like a sea plant. Do not be scared; it is delicious.

2. Boil the seaweed in water for 30 second. Don’t cook for too long or it will become mushy. Cool.

3. Make the sauce by mixing together the vinegar, soya sauce, and agave nectar. Adjust the proportions to your taste if necessary.

4. Squeeze the seaweed to get rid of water. Mix it with the thinly sliced onion in a bowl. Cut the seaweed with scissors into bite size pieces.

5. Toss in the dressing. Enjoy the salad cold.

This salad is perfect for summer because the flavors are so refreshing. Don’t be having it for lunch before getting back to the office though; your co-workers will hate the onion breath. Make sure to store it in a super air-tight container or it will  stink up your fridge. It is perfect as a summer barbeque side dish! I hope this salad has convinced you to enjoy more seaweed.

Love and light,


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