~^^~ Earthquake drill – A sea of Korean high school girls ~^^~

I feel very happy this school semester. I finally got to teach high school again after two long but fabulous years of teaching elementary school. OK, maybe not so fabulous but definitely fun.

Let me back up.

I work for the government English program in South Korea. It is a great job most of the time. I get to teach children and adults English and pass on some other worldly wisdom along the way. For some reason, even though I selected the “high school” box when I applied for the job, they decided that I would be better-suited for elementary school.


I learned more about teaching while in elementary school than I did in teacher’s college. Those of you who went to teacher’s college will understand. But this is another story.

After two years of hard work, numerous recognitions and awards, I finally go some “cred” with my boss and  got what I wanted; a girls high school! By the way, this blog’s header is the view from my school. The mountain is the central point of Jeju island. It is called Halla mountain.

Teaching high school girls is a dream come true. Not only can I have some sort of conversations with the students in English, I can help them with self-esteem issues, diet and weight problems, as well as introduce them to cool things like The Phantom of the Opera.

Last week we had an earthquake drill. As it was explained to me, if was the first earthquake drill in many years and it probably had something to do with South Korea’s proximity to Japan and the recent earthquake. The drill was simple. Alarm went off, everyone went on the lawn. This is where the fun began.

It was sunny that day. Asian girls hate the sun, they hate how it makes their skin dark.


Here are some pictures of the girls trying to cover up.

You have probably heard that South Korean school system is one of the most brutal in the world. Not only do high school students go to school until 9 pm, they then go to additional classes at night! They only sleep about 5 hours a night, get up at 5 am, drag their sorry backpacks to school, and proceed to snooze in class. Maddening but true.

So, once the drill was over, everyone had to get back to class. Needless to say, nobody was in a hurry to go back to their desk to continue the math crunch. I promptly snapped a video of the girls.

A sea of Korean high school girls

Enjoy the video and let me know about your thoughts on education systems and anything else really. I enjoy hearing from you.

Love and light,


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  1. I will post way more about high school soon. Stick around :) So far, I feel that teaching in high school allows for more freedom than elementary school. I did make videos of the little ones and will post them soon as well. I am glad you’re interested in my opinion about the system as I have many and will get to them soon,


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